The Viking Game (Hnefatafl)

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  • 1 white king king.
  • 12 white defenders.
  • 24 dark attackers.
  • Linen playing surface.
  • Rules and historical information leaflet.
  • Gift box presentation.
  • Made in the UK.
  • A genuine National Museum of Scotland Product.

Discover the highly-regarded Viking Board Game Hnefatafl, created by the expert product team at the National Museum Scotland. This British-made product is meticulously crafted and designed, making it an exceptional gift for any occasion. Also known as The King's Table or simply Tafl, this one-of-a-kind game challenges players with two uneven sides: a powerful attacking team consisting of 24 infantry in four groups of 6, and a strategic defending team of twelve soldiers and a king. Using similar movements to the rook in chess, pieces can be taken by "sandwiching" an opponent's piece between two of yours. The game begins with a cross formation in the center of the board, as the defending team seeks to guide the king to safety by reaching one of the four corner squares. Discover more about Hnefatafl and its various rule variations online for endless entertainment.


Hnefatafl, also known as The Vikings Game, was a highly popular board game during the Dark Ages in Northern Europe. Originating in Viking homes and spreading through their conquests, the game favored the attacking side, resembling the success of Viking raids. The "king" piece, a common theme in the Viking culture, further exemplified the game's connection to battle. Over time, there were various versions and variations of the game, with different boards, pieces, and rules. Manuscripts from the time period revealed the proper way to play. However, with the rise of the chess set in the 11th century, Hnefatafl's popularity declined. This Hnefatafl set, inspired by the Isle of Lewis, has a medieval feel with a woven textile board. Unlike this more intricate set, most pieces found from this period were basic in design, indicating the game's appeal to the common folk who could not afford lavish goods.


  • 24 dark pieces
  • 12 light pieces
  • 1 linen board
  • Rules booklet
  • Two year warranty


King Height 1.7 inches
King Base Diameter 0.75 inches
King Weight 16 grams
Pawn Height 1 inches
Pawn Weight 8 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 0.3 inches
Weight 0.45 kg
Materials Crushed Stone Resin
Style Themed
Board Size 11 inches
Board Thickness 0.1 inches
Square Size 0.75 inches