Vintage Staunton Chess Sets


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Vintage Staunton Reproduction Sets


Our collection of vintage Staunton chess set reproductions represents the highest level of chess craftsmanship. These sets are carefully made to replicate the famous designs that have defined the game for over a century. The Staunton pattern, first introduced in 1849, changed chess with its elegant and functional design, making it the standard for tournaments worldwide.


The History of Staunton Chess Sets

The Staunton chess set was named after Howard Staunton, a well-known English chess player and writer. Although Staunton did not design the set himself, his support was crucial in making it popular. The design was registered by Nathaniel Cooke and made by John Jaques of London. Cooke's name was misspelled as "Cook" on the 1849 patent and the misspelling has propagated in chess literature since then. The pieces were designed to be easily recognizable, sturdy, and balanced, solving the problems of earlier chess sets that were often fragile and hard to distinguish during play.


What Are Reproductions?

Reproductions are high-quality copies of original antique chess sets. They are made using the same materials and techniques as the originals, ensuring that they capture the essence and beauty of the historic designs. These reproductions allow chess lovers and collectors to own a piece of history without the high cost and fragility of genuine antiques.

Featured Reproductions


Our collection includes some of the finest examples of Staunton chess set reproductions. The JJ Cooke Reproduction Ebony and Wenge Luxury Chess Set is a faithful copy of the original JJ Cooke design, featuring pieces made from ebony and wenge wood, showcasing exquisite attention to detail and luxurious materials.

The 1849 Original Staunton Ebony and Palisander Luxury Chess Set with Cabinet is a precise replica of the first Staunton set introduced in 1849, featuring pieces made from ebony and palisander wood. This set comes with a beautifully crafted cabinet for storage, making it both a functional and decorative piece.

For those seeking a touch of vintage charm, the 1849 Reproduction Staunton Ebony, Antiqued and Palisander Luxury Chess Set combines the classic design of the 1849 Staunton pieces with the rich tones of antiqued and palisander wood, resulting in a stunning set that honours the original while adding a touch of vintage allure.

Modelled after the sets used in the famous 1851 London Chess Tournament, the 1851 Reproduction Ebony and Walnut Luxury Staunton Chess Set features pieces made from ebony and walnut, known for its historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Harrwitz Black and Anegre Staunton Chess Set, named after the renowned chess player Daniel Harrwitz, features pieces made from black and anegre wood, with a sleek design and high-quality materials that make it a favourite among collectors.

Finally, the JJ Cooke Edition Ebony and Montgoy Luxury Chess Set is a special edition tribute to Cooke's original design, featuring pieces made from ebony and montgoy wood, renowned for its intricate details and superior craftsmanship.


Why Choose Our Reproductions?

Our vintage Staunton chess set reproductions are crafted with the utmost care and precision. Each piece is weighted for perfect balance and felted with billiard cloth to ensure smooth movement across the board. These sets are not only beautiful to look at but also practical for serious play. Whether you are a collector or a chess enthusiast, our reproductions offer the perfect blend of history, art, and functionality. 

Explore our collection today and bring home a piece of chess history.