The Highgrove Ebony and Briarwood Luxury Chess Set

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  • Beautifully handcrafted ebony chess pieces.
  • 3 inch king.
  • Perfectly weighted.
  • Felted bases.
  • High grade Briarwood and Elm.
  • 20.5 inch luxury board.
  • 1.9 inch playing squares.

Experience exquisite craftsmanship with The Highgrove Ebony and Briarwood Luxury Chess Set. This set features intricately carved knights and bishops, and is handcrafted by the same renowned workshop that creates some of the world's finest chess pieces. Made in Italy, the stunning chess board showcases a gorgeous briarwood and elm veneer, coated with a luxurious layer of quality lacquer.

The briarwood burl boasts a mesmerizing pattern of rich hues, from deep reds to golden yellows. The real wood veneer squares are bordered with an elegant strip of ebony, while the underside of the board is lined with lacquered wood and felt pads for protection. Elevate your chess game in the most elegant and exclusive way possible. Included in this premium set is a stunning wenge-coloured box, handcrafted in Greece.

This exquisite cabinet will safeguard your Highgrove chess pieces when not in use. For an added competitive edge, we've also included the sleek Turnier clock in black.

Made in Europe and inspired by the traditional design, this wind-up clock adds sophistication to your game without the need for batteries.


  • 1 chess board
  • 34 chessmen
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty
  • Wooden storage box
  • Cleaning cloth


King Height 3 inches
King Base Diameter 1.5 inches
King Weight 44 grams
Pawn Height 1.8 inches
Pawn Weight 20 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 1 inches
Materials Ebony, Boxwood, Briarwood, elm, Wenge effect wood, Plastic
Number of Queens 4
Board Size 20.5 inches
Board Thickness 0.75 inches
Square Size 1.9 inches