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Dal Negro Deluxe Mah Jong Set - US Version

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Indulge in the finest craftsmanship by renowned artisans from Dal Negro with this deluxe mahjong set. Immerse yourself in the exceptional quality and luxurious feel of this masterpiece.

  • Made in Italy.
  • US Version.
  • Wooden tile racks included.
  • Robust and heavy playing tiles.

Discover the enduring popularity of Mahjong - a classic game that has captivated players for generations. From online to app versions and even in unconventional places such as gyms, the fascination with Mahjong continues to grow. Originally from the East, it has become a beloved pastime in the West.

Experience the timeless joy of Mahjong, a game with origins that span across ages and locations. Despite its mysterious beginnings, one thing is certain - its captivating gameplay has stood the test of time. While its precise creation is still unknown, one thing is for sure - it has evolved into the beloved version we know and love today. Indulge in the rich history and tradition of this ancient Chinese game, and discover the endless possibilities it holds.

This deluxe Mah Jong set, crafted by Dal Negro of Treviso, Italy, comes in a sturdy branded cardboard box and boasts high-quality large resin playing tiles and real wooden racks. The exceptional attention to detail, a hallmark of this renowned games maker, is evident in the beautifully embossed and painted symbols on the tiles. The set also includes tile racks for 4 players and a comprehensive rulebook in multiple European languages.

This Deluxe Mahjong set is truly one of the finest options on the market, packaged in a durable yet elegant card box that will serve as a lasting storage solution. However, for those who desire a touch of luxury, our listing for The Dal Negro Luxury Mah Jong Set with Walnut Case - US is the perfect choice.



Materials Resin, Wood
Tiles Thickness 0.5 inches