Blackburne Luxury Padauk Chess Men 4.5 inch

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  • Handcrafted from stunning Padauk.
  • Superb quality and exquisite detail.
  • Imperious 4.5 inch King.
  • Two additional queens.
  • Perfectly weighted and felted bases.
  • Ideally matched with a 23.6 inch board.

Discover the beauty of Padauk with the Blackburne Luxury Chess Men. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, each piece showcases exquisite carving and impeccable weight for a truly regal experience. Experience the richness of African or Asian Padauk wood, renowned for its durability and decorative appeal. With a bold and vibrant reddish hue that fades to a warm brown over time, Padauk is a favorite among woodworkers and adds a touch of luxury to these impressive chess pieces. Trust us, at Regency Chess, the Padauk pieces will take your chess game to the next level.

The exquisite Blackburne Padauk Chess Men, named after the legendary Joseph Henry Blackburne, possess a captivating beauty. Despite starting the game at a later age and losing his first match, Joseph's unrelenting passion for chess led him to become Manchester's strongest player. He even challenged himself with blindfolded and simultaneous matches, developing the idea of chess clocks for better timekeeping. This luxurious set includes 4 queens and deserves a grand battlefield, such as the recommended 23.6 inch Briarwood and Elmwood Luxury Chess Board. Together, they create a truly unique and stunning experience for any chess enthusiast.


  • 34 chessmen
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Cleaning cloth


King Height 4.5 inches
King Base Diameter 1.85 inches
King Weight 106 grams
Pawn Height 2.44 inches
Pawn Weight 36 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 1.29 inches
Materials Padauk, Boxwood
Number of Queens 4