Blackburne Luxury Ebony Chess Men 4.5 inch

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  • Handcrafted from Ebony.
  • Superb quality.
  • Exquisite detailing.
  • Imperious 4.5 inch King.
  • Two additional queens.
  • Perfectly weighted and felted bases.
  • Best matched with a 23.6 inch board.

Add the exquisite Blackburne Ebony Chess Men to your collection from The Regency Chess Company. These beautifully crafted pieces, named after the legendary Joseph Henry Blackburne, stand at an impressive 4.5 inches and are weighted and finished with billiard cloth bases. Born in Manchester in 1841, Blackburne joined the chess community at the age of 20 and quickly rose to defeat Eduard Pindar in July 1861 after learning the game at a later age. Don't miss the opportunity to add these expertly turned and carved pieces to your set.

In the year that followed, Blackburne's introduction to blindfold chess sparked a passion that never waned. Despite his initial defeat by Louis Paulsen and others, he not only continued to play blindfolded, but also took on three players at once. At the time, chess timekeeping was done with hourglasses, but Blackburne had a better idea - chess clocks. He truly shone in international tournaments, regularly winning top honors. One of his most impressive performances was in 1873 in Vienna, where he faced off against Steinitz and earned the fitting nickname of 'The Black Death'. His passing in September 1924, just shy of his 83rd birthday, was a loss to the chess world. These incredible chess pieces are worthy of an equally impressive battlefield, and we highly recommend pairing them with a 23.6 inch board with 2.36 inch squares. This luxurious set also includes 4 queens.


  • 34 chessmen
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Cleaning cloth


King Height 4.5 inches
King Base Diameter 1.81 inches
King Weight 114 grams
Pawn Height 2.5 inches
Pawn Weight 48 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 1.38 inches
Materials Ebony, Boxwood
Number of Queens 4