The Queen's Gambit Black Dyed Poplar and Ash Root Chess Board

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  • Crafted by renowned board maker in Spain.
  • Superb detail and finish.
  • 19.7 inch board (50 cms).
  • 1.96 inch squares (5 cms).
  • As seen in The Queens Gambit.

This exquisite 19.7 inch chess board, expertly crafted by renowned brand Rechapados Ferrer, exudes sophistication and refinement. With the recent surge in popularity of the game of chess, thanks to the hit Netflix series The Queen's Gambit, this board boasts the same elegant design seen in pivotal scenes such as Beth and Borgov's iconic match at the 1968 USSR Chess Championship. Its official tournament size and matte finish, created from black dyed poplar and ash root, provide a smooth and distraction-free surface for effortless gameplay.

This board is approved by FIDE, the world chess governing body, making it of top-notch quality. It is specifically designed for pieces around 3.75 inches in height and is the perfect match for our Antipodean Chess Men, resulting in The Queens Gambit Chess Set.


  • 1 chess board
  • Two year warranty


Weight 2.48 kg
Materials Black Dyed Poplar, Ash Root
Board Size 19.7 inches
Board Thickness 0.5 inches
Square Size 1.96 inches