The 1849 Reproduction Staunton Ebony, Antiqued and Palisander Luxury Chess Set

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  • Beautifully crafted from ebony and antiqued boxwood.
  • Superb detail and high quality finish.
  • Imperious 4.4 inch (11 cm) king and broad bases.
  • Perfectly weighted and felted.
  • Matched with a stunning 23.6 inch Spanish board .
  • Complemented with a handcrafted wooden box and clock.

The 1849 Reproduction Staunton Chessmen boast intricate detailing in the renowned and timeless Staunton style. Crafted by hand from exquisite ebony and antiqued boxwood, these pieces feature a majestic 4.4 inch king and impeccable finishing. Meticulously carved from solid wood, these stunning pieces exude an air of sophistication, hailing from the same chess workshop responsible for some of the most exquisite chess sets in the world.

The 4.4 inch king and his army are beautifully crafted by renowned Spanish artisans Rechapados Ferrer. Billiard cloth covered bases ensure board protection, while the ebony and antiqued boxwood materials exude exclusivity and make for a sound investment. The 23’6 inch board boasts stunningly rich palisander veneers that border the deep gloss lacquer finish, highlighting the intricate wood grain of the anegre and light maple squares. With 2.36 inch playing squares, this chess set is a perfect battlefield for the Reproduction Staunton Chess Men, fit for a sophisticated and elegant buyer seeking a lasting heirloom.

For optimal storage when not in use, a luxurious and elegant container that complements your board and pieces is a must. That's why we have handpicked the meticulously crafted Sheesham Wood Chess piece case. This exotic hardwood, also known as golden Rosewood, boasts a beautiful grain and rich hues of yellow and red. The interior features a green flocked compartment, ensuring your treasured chess men are kept safe from scratches and damage. With a suitable size for pieces up to 4.5 inches in height, this case is the perfect choice for preserving your cherished chess set for years to come.

Take note: certain pieces include a clasp closure, while others feature a magnetic closure. We will ship based on availability at the time of purchase. As a finishing touch to your collection, we have included a classic wooden chess clock with a winding mechanism. Crafted in Europe by BHB, these clocks require no batteries.


  • 1 chessboard
  • 34 chessmen
  • 1 chess piece case
  • 1 chess clock
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty


King Height 4.4 inches
King Base Diameter 1.85 inches
King Weight 108 grams
Pawn Height 25 inches
Pawn Weight 34 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 1.42 inches
Materials Boxwood, Ebony, Palisander, Black Anegre, Maple, Man Made
Number of Queens 4
Board Size 23.6 inches
Board Thickness 0.7 inches
Square Size 2.36 inches