The Regency Chess Company has become one of the worlds most specialist importers and retailers of chess pieces. We import chessmen from the world's finest manufacturers of pieces and have created a range of products that should cater for everyone's taste and budget.


Our range of chess pieces includes a huge selection of Staunton sets, the most iconic and popular set of chess pieces the world has ever known. We stock both modern variants as well as antique reproductions of these famous chess pieces in a variety of woods including ebony, rosewood, sandalwood and boxwood.


We have created our very own range of top quality luxury chessmen which we call The Regency Collection. These pieces are made from rare exotic hardwoods to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship. Each piece is weighted for perfect balance and finished off using a precise polishing technique to bring out the best finish from the hardwood. All of our chessmen have classic green billiard cloth bases aside from a select few sets that feature leather bases