21 to 24 Inch Chess Boards


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What Size Chess Board Makes a Good Centrepiece?

Chess boards in the 21-24 inch range are ideal for those seeking a luxurious, statement-making centrepiece for their home. These oversized boards provide ample space for even the largest chess pieces, allowing for comfortable play and a stunning visual display.

Who Crafts the Best 21-24 Inch Chess Boards?

Crafted by renowned manufacturers like Italfama in Italy, 21-24 inch chess boards showcase unparalleled artistry and attention to detail. Premium hardwoods like briarwood, elmwood, mahogany, and rosewood are meticulously fashioned into sleek playing surfaces with intricate inlaid designs. The rich natural grain of the wood is enhanced by hand-rubbed finishes for a truly opulent appearance.

What Size Chess Pieces Fit Best on a 21-24 Inch Board?

The generous 2-2.3 inch squares on these boards accommodate chess pieces with base diameters of 1.5 inches or more. This allows for the pairing of impressively sized, elaborately carved chess pieces like the Parthenon Series or Madrid Red Sandalwood chessmen. The combination of a 21-24 inch board with appropriately scaled pieces creates a breath-taking display that becomes the focal point of any room.

Can You Buy a Complete 21-24 Inch Chess Set?

For those desiring a complete set, many 21-24 inch boards are available in bundles with complementary chess pieces and even storage boxes. These carefully curated sets offer a range of styles to suit any taste, from understated traditional Staunton designs to immensely ornate sets with ancient historical roots.

How are Large 21-24 Inch Chess Boards Shipped?

When purchasing a 21-24 inch chess board, rest assured that the utmost care goes into its packaging and shipment. We understand the significant investment these boards represent and spare no expense in ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. Our packages are generously packed with soft protective padding in thick cardboard boxes and we have chosen couriers with the highest reputation for care. If properly looked after, a premium 21-24 inch chess board will remain a cherished centrepiece to be passed down for generations.