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Ebony Chess Piece red Sandalwood Chess Piece

Wood is by far the most popular material used to make chess boards and pieces. Indeed some chess players refer to themselves as 'Wood Pushers'. By their very nature chess pieces lend themselves very well to being carved, or turned from wood.

There are a handful of wood types that have been associated with the chess set industry for many decades. Boxwood for example has become a mainstay in the construction of the white chess pieces. It is a creamy coloured wood that is extremely hard. It lends itself perfectly to chess pieces.

Boxwood Chess Piece sheesham Chess Piece

Generally speaking, chess sets are best suited to construction from hardwoods. In fact the harder the wood is the better. Woods like ebony, rosewood, and sandalwood posses the perfect qualities for making chess pieces. Today they have become rare, expensive and endangered. Old stocks of these lovely woods are still used for making chessmen, but they come at a price premium.

When it comes to chess boards the array of wood types used is much broader. In fact we stock a massive selection of chess boards that utilise a variety of wood types. Where boxwood features heavily for the white chessmen, maple is the mainstay for the light squares of the board.

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